Resolve Conflicts, 
Improve Decision-Making and 
Align Your True Potential
with Your Everyday Life

Have you ever felt trapped in a never-ending
cycle with no clear way out?

I'm Alon Mor,
a Certified Holistic Life Coach
with over 12 years of experience from the Reidman Academy in Tel-Aviv.

Throughout the years,
I’ve had the privilege of helping people of all ages
make positive changes in their lives.

My approach combines Life Coaching,
Counseling and Mayan Map Readings
to provide you with a profound perspective on your life
and guide you in making (more) accurate choices,
both spiritually and practically.

Having conducted workshops and lectures worldwide
and co-founded an Eco Community in Israel,
I’ve gained a holistic understanding of life.

If you’re searching for clarity
on how to connect your life mission with your daily life

if you’re done waiting for someday
and are ready to take control of your life
and if you’re ready to make meaningful changes and put yourself first

I’m here to help you!

My Services

I offer a range of services designed to foster positive transformation
on both spiritual and practical levels, 
eliminating obstacles and infusing your life with positive momentum.

Personal Map Readings

 Dive into your unique Mayan Dreamspell profile 
to gain insights into your strengths, challenges, and life path.
 I’ll provide a precise reflection of your current situation and pragmatic predictions for your near and distant future, empowering you to make informed decisions, set achievable goals, and bring about tangible change.

Price: $150 USD - 75 minutes.

Relationship Map Readings

Experience a down-to-earth analysis of the compatibility and dynamics of your relationships.
Whether they involve a partner, family member, coworker, or friend.
I’ll offer a clear reflection on your relationships’ dynamics, guiding you to build deeper connections, resolve conflicts effectively and nurture healthier relationships with your loved ones.

Price: $180 USD - 90 minutes.

Family Constellation
Map Readings

Gain profound insights into the root causes of conflicts
and dynamics within your family relationships.
Understand your relationships with your children
and what they need from you to reach their true potential.
Receive practical guidance on moving forward, resolving conflicts
and creating a long-term, sustainable foundation
for transforming your relationships
to better align with who you are now and how you wish them to be.

Price: $200 USD - 120 minutes.

Soul Evolution
Alignment Analysis

 In this two-session deep dive,
I’ll reveal the intricate connection between your Mayan Long Count and Mayan Dreamspell profiles to provide a deeper understanding of how your soul’s evolution aligns with your current life story and personality.

This structured and practical approach will help you see how past experiences have shaped your life and how to use that wisdom to make informed, connected  decisions for your near and distant future.

Price: $250 USD.

What You'll Gain from a Session with Me:

I’d be delighted to support you on your journey toward self-improvement,
effective decision-making, conflict resolution, and alignment with your life’s calling.

Contact me today to schedule your personalised one-on-one meeting
and embark on the path to a more relaxed, connected, and successful life.

Prices & Payments

Service Price
Personal Map Reading 130 €\$
Relationship Map Reading 160 €\$
Family Constellation Map Reading 200 €\$
Soul Evolution Alignment Analysis 250 €\$

If you have any questions
You would like to talk and understand
how a map reading will encourage and empower you
To take the step you’ve been waiting for so long to make

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